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Understanding our role as stewards of God's good creation, though it is burdened by sin, is at the core of studying economics at Covenant. 正常运转的经济 is central to the maintenance of healthy and creative communities that glorify God. Understanding how the economy works and shapes lives is essential for effective stewardship.

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Program Overview

We equip students to understand economic systems and see how they can work within them to promote flourishing for communities, nations, and the world as a whole. Students are taught the key principles and frameworks needed to understand how economies work and how to carefully address new questions and challenges as Christians through rigorous 研究和数据分析. 
You will develop knowledge in economic theory and its history, learn how institutions and policy influence the way an economy functions, and gain skills in analysis and communication that will enable you to be active in the economy as a thoughtful steward, 忠于耶稣和他的王国.

Graduate Outcomes

Economics majors go on to work in a variety of fields such as business consulting, financial management, community development, law, entrepreneurship, policy advising, and data analysis.

Recent Job Outcomes for Covenant Economics Majors:

  • Research Analyst, Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy, The Brookings Institution
  • 埃森哲高级战略分析师
  • Sr. 软件工程师-人工智能/经济学,领英
  • 联邦快递收入质量总监
  • Director of Research and Consumer Insights, WellSpan Health
  • 小企业销售顾问,Unum
  • Sr. Product & CoreLogic的定价策略师
  • Grants & 领导伙伴关系,国际司法使命


  • 杜克大学商学院
  • 佐治亚理工大学
  • 哈佛大学商学院
  • 哈佛大学肯尼迪政策学院
  • 约翰霍普金斯大学
  • 阿拉巴马大学法学院
  • 加州大学伯克利分校
  • 北卡罗来纳大学
  • 匹兹堡大学
  • 华盛顿大学街. Louis
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matt schroeder

Matthew Schroeder ’17

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Programs & Features

Reflecting biblical priorities, the economics major has a particular interest in addressing issues of poverty. Building on this interest, the department also offers a community development major, which focuses exclusively on alleviating poverty in the United 美国和世界各地. 

While economics is a very important aspect of poverty, the department recognizes that there are many non-economic factors that contribute to poverty. For this reason, the community development major uses an interdisciplinary approach that draws on multiple fields to address the whole person in a wide range of cultural settings.  

The disciplines of economics and community development have different perspectives, 工具、优势和劣势. 因此,许多学生觉得它很有价值 同时主修这两个专业.


The economics major focuses on a broad range of institutions and sectors in which we can develop God’s world to glorify Him and promote human flourishing at local, 国家和全球层面. This includes theoretical and empirical analysis of human behavior and policies in businesses, non-profits, communities, government, healthcare, finance, government, and international trade, among others.

View Requirements

Students can also pursue an economics minor which will prepare them for careers and 一系列学科的研究生学习.

View Requirements

  • ECO 320:经济思想史
  • ECO 330:工业组织
  • ECO 360:  The Economics of Asia in the 21st Century
  • ECO 415:国际金融
  • ECO 450:卫生经济学

  • “Payer Effect on Provider Administrative Expense: The Paperwork Killing Patient Wallets”
  • “The High Cost of Higher Education - Analyzing the Student Debt Crisis & Current Government Policy”
  • “Mobile Money, Risk Sharing, and School Participation in Kenya”
  • “Church Collaboration in the Production of Social Services”
  • “COVID-19 Lockdown Impact on Enterprises and Consumer Behavior”


The Chalmers Center is a research and educational institute which trains workers in church-centered ministries to promote economic development and spiritual transformation in the context of poor communities. In collaboration with partnering agencies and churches worldwide, the center initiates pilot projects that serve as laboratories for the development of 可以被他人复制的新模式. 

Students in the economics or community development major may apply for domestic and international research internships in these projects, providing them with a unique opportunity to participate in the development of state-of-the-art strategies and to 获得实践经验.

Meet the Faculty

brian fikkert

Brian Fikkert 经济学和社会发展教授

john rush

John Rush 经济学副教授

lance wescher

Lance Wescher 经济学教授
Department Chair


谢谢你对约恩的兴趣! 填完这张表,我们就 able to connect you with the best information regarding your program of interest, 以及你的招生顾问.



Undergraduate Departments, Majors, Minors, Certificates, Concentrations, and Programs


  • Arts Administration
  • Entrepreneurship
  • 环境管理 & Sustainability
  • 新闻与社会
  • 医学伦理咨询
  • Neuroscience
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


  • 艺术,二维浓度 
  • 艺术,3d浓缩 
  • 艺术,艺术史专业 
  • 艺术,平面设计专业 
  • 艺术、摄影专业 
  • Art minor
  • Art History minor

Biblical & Theological Studies

  • Biblical & Theological Studies 
  • Biblical & 神学研究,任务集中 
  • Biblical & 辅修神学研究
  • 圣经语言辅修
  • 小基督教历史
  • Missions minor
  • Youth Ministry minor


  • 生物学、生物医学方向 
  • 生物、环境浓度 
  • Biology, General 
  • 生物学,卫生专业方向 
  • Biology minor


  • Business 
  • 商业、会计 
  • 商业、金融 
  • 商业、营销 
  • Sport Management 
  • Business minor
  • 体育管理


  • 化学、生物化学 
  • Chemistry, General 
  • Biochemistry minor
  • Chemistry minor

Community Development

  • Community Development 
  • 社区发展辅修课程

Computer Science

  • Computer Science 
  • 计算机科学


  • Economics 
  • Economics minor


  • Education Studies 
  • 小学教育(小学五年级) 
  • Secondary Education Certifications through MAT program 
  • Education minor


  • Natural Science, Pre-Engineering Studies Concentration


  • English 
  • 英语、写作 
  • English minor
  • Writing minor


  • Coaching minor


  • History 
  • 历史,艺术史专业 
  • Political Science 
  • International Studies 
  • History minor
  • 政治学辅修


  • 跨学科集中研究 


  • Mathematics 
  • Mathematics minor


  • 音乐,教会音乐集中 
  • 音乐,创造性研究集中 
  • 音乐,一般音乐集中 
  • 音乐,器乐演奏方向 
  • 音乐,音乐教育(mat预科 
  • 音乐,管风琴演奏集中 
  • 音乐,钢琴教学方向 
  • 音乐、钢琴演奏专业 
  • 音乐,声乐表演集中 
  • Music minor


  • Philosophy 
  • Philosophy minor


  • Physics 
  • Physics minor


  • Pre-Law Studies 
  • Pre-Medical Studies 
  • Pre-Nursing Studies 
  • 物理治疗前研究 


  • Psychology 
  • Psychology minor


  • Sociology 
  • 社会学、家庭研究 & 社会工作方向 
  • Sociology minor


  • Theatre minor

World Languages

  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • French minor
  • Spanish minor